Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Lates edition of L'officiel Indonesia featured model Jessie,she look glamorous and fabulous.L'officiel Indonesia is one of my favorite high fashion reference among others. 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

ELLE January 2014

Joan Small featured as the cover of ELLE January 2014 issue wearing Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 collection,i am so excited when supermodel become a cover girl (where they were belong) and she look amazing on that cut out gold dress.

The End of love

It's hard not fall in love with these one of most emotional also heart warming drama about struggling single dad with his little son (real biological son actor), it just stuck in my head and i want to everyone get to see these film with an element of supercute and stylish Isaac love.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Fonepad ASUS 7 Inch Tablet with Phone Function:the new fashion essential

Models on the catwalks of Jakarta Fashion Week are now surrounded not just by the great and the good of Indonesian glossy magazines. Increasingly, high tech devices that record each show, and technology in general is used to bring a global audience closest to the action.
That means collections going on sale online as soon as they are first presented to the world, and sometimes even before. And it also sees photographers using the apps such as Instagram, for instance, to capture evocative pictures of Fashion Week, and journalists and editors using gadget  to sketch their immediate impressions of favorite looks. Twitter to deliver what it’s claimed are unique behind-the-scenes insights. 
 Most of the affordable tablets available in the market today is the tablet with WiFi connectivity to connect to the Internet. In Indonesia, WiFi connectivity are not too extensive, so there is no limit in which the user, when it is in a certain place, or on the way, can not connect to the Internet when needed.

To that end, a number of other products, by the creators vendors feature a 3G connection which can utilize mobile operator's wireless network to access the Internet. In Indonesia, mobile wireless telecommunications network operator is already very broad, covering almost the entire country.

However it turns out, the need increases. Most users want a tablet that is also able to make voice calls. This encourages ASUS, a global leader in the digital era to present ASUS Fonepad, products that can meet that need.

 ASUS Fonepad is 7-inch tablet with a feature that allows users to receive or make voice calls, send SMS, or MMS. This feature makes the tablet Fonepad have functions like a smartphone.
 as a fashion bloggers who attended tons of the fashion event and capture the many fashion moments I highly recommend ASUS Fonepad as the essential fashion item for all fashion lovers.


Thursday, 14 November 2013

TERIOS 7 WONDERS Friends of the adventurer (Escape with style)

Don't get me wrong, i will not turn into some adventurer but i believe everybody love holiday and TERIOS 7 WONDERS Friends of the adventurer,is another way to having unforgettable adventure experience with a little bit a twist of style the journey of the life time will begin,first destination is Sawarna, located in a coastal village which has a variety of interesting attractions to visit .Here the beaches waiting to be captivating eyes and heart .Landscapes of natural beauty tucked away overlooking the Indian Ocean. White sandy beaches, clear blue water and lush rolling green nan.i personally going to have some summer fashion essential take with me(panama hat, sleeveless top and flip flop among the essential i guess),moving on to the chill and cold destination Desa Kinahrejo one is known as the home of late. Mbah Maridjan, caretaker of Mount Merapi who died when Merapi erupted in 2010. To surround the village has now turned into the sand dunes area, puffy jacket and boots will be on my list for these place and also will gave me warm for the third destination Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is located in East java indonesia, to the east of Malang and to the southeast of Surabaya  the

capital of East Java. It is the only conservation area in Indonesia that has a sand sea :the Tengger Sand Sea, next destination is National Park Alas Purwo,Plekung ,This national park has a variety of objects and natural attractions and cultural tourism (sea, sand, sun, forest, wild animal, sport and culture) that is located not so far from each other.(i personally love bush walk,so for these trip i will wear Timberland Boots and my Safary inspired outfit )moving on to Sade and Rambitan are the most interesting among the Sasak traditional villages situated approximately 19 km to the South of Praya, the capital of Lombok regency. These conventional and tourist oriented villages show what life is like in a Sasak village and a display of traditional houses and bonnet – shaped barns known as lumbung. The houses here are uniquely desiogned where roofs are thatch and walls are made of bamboo and palm leaf ribs.(again to honour the place Ikat prints pants and leather sandal will fit my visit,sometime less is more) and we come to the last two heaven first is Dompu in West Nusa tenggara known as a producer of milk and honey of wild horses. Additionally Dompu also known as an area that is rich in meat-producing animal genetic diversity as swamp buffalo or buffalo mud and last but not least Komodo island,Komodo lies between the substantially larger neighboring islands Sumbawa to the west and Flores to the east and here in the  Komodo island  contains a beach with pink sand one of only seven in the world.The sand appears pink because it is a mixture of white sand and red sand, formed from pieces of Foraminifera,and finally here some essential that every guys need to have for stylish travel Overcoat,Light Button-Down,Unstructured Blazer,Softer Jeans, All-Purpose Sneakers and Technical Socks.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Isabel Marant Pour H&M

The most anticipated collection from Isabel Marant for H&M will hit the store on november 14th in their flagship store in Jakarta, personally i am crazy with that white pants with tribal ensemble on the side  and Navajo inspired sweater is a must have collection to have and thank God there were menswear item for her collection.

Priyo Oktaviano Couture

Priyo steal the spotlight on Dewi Fashion Knight as the finale night of Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Monday, 28 October 2013


East meet West Collection from ISIS is fun to watch because the variety of the whole collection is also include menswear, plus size model and the divine performance by jazz diva Dira sugandi, i believe the collection is fit for urbanite who love to play with their look and i wear their collection fromthe first menswear line as well for the occasion.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Peggy Hartanto:SS2014

One of them most anticipated show that i am looking for these year Jakarta Fashion Week is Peggy collection for Spring Summer 2014 called Quantum, in these collection she keep her edgy line dominated with monochrome with her signature gold belt,i can pictured these item on the Red carpet as so many Hollywood superstar crazy about her dress and on the latest show today IT LOOK 2013/20014 collaborated with L'oreal i spot Andien (musician and fashionista) wearing her pink dress make red carpet darling on these event. 

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