Sunday, 26 June 2011

RED army

RED for men's wear is on the trend, just simply add these color onto your look and see what happen, i love that red gave a lot of confident  when i wear them,red (maroon,bright red,electric etc) came up in different shape i love LV electric shawl and Gucci bag, these item gave a highlight on men's look.So find red fashion item that suit you best then gave a brand new look for these season.

Friday, 24 June 2011


i have to say i love to read these blog,she (obviously one of the none fashion interest ) take my attention for being herself, and i love to share her though about me.....i strongly believe she keep put me as her role model :),here some of the sneak peak:
I’ve known a guy with a very strong interest in fashion. When i first saw him in his pink polo T-Shirt, i knew exactly how comfortable he was with himself. It always amazed me to see people with great confidence wearing bright color clothes.

But anyway..i grow to know this guy a little. I haven’t had much time to talk with him, but it always felt right to have a nice chit chat with him. We just never had the time (yet). My eyes are also grow to know his likeness to colors and fashion. I’m getting familiar to see him with light green top with light blue trousers. And i couldn’t say it better, how it fit him the way he dresses and how he confidently brings himself as the center of attention.

take a BOW

Bow tie is comeback in Spring menswear 2012, i love bow tie is bringing into the pop culture

ESMOD FASHION FESTIVAL 2011, ...the scene

Here some of the scene from these year ESMOD event, i love the accesories and how the people come with their signature look, the final walk and the backstage and stuff,enjoy.........

ESMOD FASHION FESTIVAL 2011, 4 final round

The final day of ESMOD Fashion Festival 2011 dedicated to showcase the ESMOD student in their final year,the venue was crowded and there about 250 piece of cloth on the runway, i love that these year the student gave more wearable yet experimental interpretation of their final work, the main attraction for me is men's wear, fierce and edgy yet real to wear for modern men and for women's wear surely Lady Gaga inspired bodysuit gave audience entertainment even though the award goes to the student with a strong understanding of fashion presentation and market share for fashion customer, Bravo for the great job and fabulous event,can't hardly wait for next year ESMOD event, for a sneak peak there will be ESMOD representative from all over the world!

Thursday, 23 June 2011


i love to see fashion show that featured young talent designer,and on these third day on ESMOD Fashion Festival,first slot there were Intan Ayundivira with her transformable jacket with playful color then sarah beatrice with simple white collection then last is Evelyin Fransisca that featured sexy vixen,moving on to the second slot Ki Artik batik that create batik using coffe waste for coloring and finally third slot which is my favorite of the night Hian Tjen with the torn hairdo and little girl dream theme,Albert Yanuar with transformable skirt to be jacket with lady look collection and the final showdown is Imelda Kartini that bring Evangelist inspired look on her collection, semi couture with wings remind me of annual Victoria Secret show,among the guest there were Tax Saverio and Harpers Bazaar editor in chief Isabel yahya on the front row

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Menswear Spring 2012

Blue (dark,navy,electric,baby any blue that you can mention) is the official color Spring 2012,and the twist of the season is that you can pull all blue to your look from head to to toe without looking like somebody from Starship Enterprise Cabin crew


Second day is a fashion show from the ESMOD alumni, it start with the Press conference from the 6 promising new fashion designer: Happa by Imelda Ahyar with the Tajikistan influnce, Danjyo Hiyoji with the androginy look and Jeffrey Tan for an indepent women look with the twist,and second round is Danar by Danar Hadi, they collaborted with Oscar lawalatta for modern look and Danar introducing Batik Belanda that captivating audience, i like that batik can look these glamorous and last but not least final round is Syennita Ong showcase the feminin look,Danny satriadi with fight for love that become the star for the night, he manage to combine feminity with warrior look by assemble the metal on the dress,amazing ball gown dress and i believe danny collection can be the next Gaga option,and unfortunately Vasthi by Indriani Juwono overshadow by the spectacular show by Danni,but she showcase many ballgown wedding inspired look,over all ESMOD manage the event pretty well,despite of the media spot and the audience that really need to learn how to be in the fashion show by not walking around during the show.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Color me Pants

This is why i love to pull single tone bright pants onto my  look,their were so refreshing and gave a bold look for casual or cocktail event
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