Monday, 1 August 2011

Grand Indonesia where Fashion meets Food

Grand Indonesia is a Grand epicenter for culinary experiences (and fashion adventure as well for sure,come on they got Chanel here)here in town,i am more concern in the ambiance that created through the variety restaurant with the different main theme like Asian,Europe and Middle East throughout Grand Indonesia Shopping Town .
Here some of my very own personal culinary experience, i try a lot of Restaurant,food hall or food corner etc in Grand Indonesia (to much to mention the place),basically is never ending adventure because it well interpreted,in term of how to indulge the customer with the combination of food choices  and architecture (The social House got the best view in town) and last but not least as the fashion lover, i love French ambiance by the iconic Moulin Rouge and the Retro classic Manhattan that you only can find here,both were Fashion Mecca that gave me fashion inspiration while enjoy the food.

Finally Grand Indonesia Shopping Town where fashion meet signature culinary experience. 

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