Monday, 21 May 2012

Raden sirait

Raden sirait  open the show for this year Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival that bring out Innofashion as the big theme but seem like this time is not really work out because clearly I am not the big fan of his design and the total showcase is just OK. Obviously it’s hard not to be overshadow by the big name like Anne Avantie in Kebaya design with theatrical runway, let just talk about what grab my “attention”, start with the comeback veteran model Karenina ( I grew up seeing her on the fashion spread) and “Boob dress” by Julia Perez (hmmm watch out it can trigger more young girl out there want to go under the knife for a killer cleavage) and last but not least i prefer professional model rather than celebrity on the runway, most of them failed to conquered the catwalk and my constructive input is that I love more simple approach and less dramatic interpretation of kebaya so then  our national heritage  dress can really speak out in the global scene, I remember that Farah Angsana manage to hit New York niche market by simplify Kebaya into modern cocktail dress and I keep looking and can’t hardly wait for the upcoming designer in the next 2 week on these occasion that already held for the nine times these year.

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