Thursday, 10 January 2013

The correspondent: Anggun by visy Primadonna

About her "Anggun"

I knew her, was not as she had entered the international stage, but since the age of 7 , I was no different from the figure of a Anggun C. Sasmi, she's not the only woman who is independent and willing to take risks when it but, first she is a charming and sparkling or I prefer to call : she got the "Sense of Diva" consciously or unconsciously, her persona reach deep into perspective for me before she jumped go to international, a dazzling career with the charisma of a Diva and performance timeless era. He is Anggun C. Sasmi.
Her style which used to be very rock and roll, cabaret and doc martin are legendary, now she is sexy and sensual, can not believe my endless fascination with her latest appearance , I followed online or print media then her concert, Last year featured in  the local franchise magazine Amica I saw her wearing the Jean Paul Gaultier couture  for the cover of the magazine as well as some local designer from Indonesia, wooow very intriguing.
I personally really honest Big Fans "Anggunesia" which is not just  about her why this or that but rather than inspired how she can look very sensual, supported by the talents and attitude of a star very humble.
It also has its own signature as an Indonesian woman and whatever style she has, she is very strong and sometimes flexible, but does not reduce the value contained therein. She knows her curve and she knew there was a beautiful body and she can decorate it and no one can leave the form for example she never felt needed to blondes her hair , or Whitening her skin face, might be possible, even if so, it's not Anggun but the artist who fear " Old "and lost her job. She proved that pretty is natural and beautiful  Indonesian Woman should be, just look at the magazine Amica and her concert. She wore  couture gown but, did not reduce the aesthetic of beautify, actually, give more to her beauty
Ohhh Anggun your beauty  is  timeless , Viva for Anggun ...
By Primadona

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