Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Second day is a fashion show from the ESMOD alumni, it start with the Press conference from the 6 promising new fashion designer: Happa by Imelda Ahyar with the Tajikistan influnce, Danjyo Hiyoji with the androginy look and Jeffrey Tan for an indepent women look with the twist,and second round is Danar by Danar Hadi, they collaborted with Oscar lawalatta for modern look and Danar introducing Batik Belanda that captivating audience, i like that batik can look these glamorous and last but not least final round is Syennita Ong showcase the feminin look,Danny satriadi with fight for love that become the star for the night, he manage to combine feminity with warrior look by assemble the metal on the dress,amazing ball gown dress and i believe danny collection can be the next Gaga option,and unfortunately Vasthi by Indriani Juwono overshadow by the spectacular show by Danni,but she showcase many ballgown wedding inspired look,over all ESMOD manage the event pretty well,despite of the media spot and the audience that really need to learn how to be in the fashion show by not walking around during the show.

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