Friday, 24 June 2011


i have to say i love to read these blog,she (obviously one of the none fashion interest ) take my attention for being herself, and i love to share her though about me.....i strongly believe she keep put me as her role model :),here some of the sneak peak:
I’ve known a guy with a very strong interest in fashion. When i first saw him in his pink polo T-Shirt, i knew exactly how comfortable he was with himself. It always amazed me to see people with great confidence wearing bright color clothes.

But anyway..i grow to know this guy a little. I haven’t had much time to talk with him, but it always felt right to have a nice chit chat with him. We just never had the time (yet). My eyes are also grow to know his likeness to colors and fashion. I’m getting familiar to see him with light green top with light blue trousers. And i couldn’t say it better, how it fit him the way he dresses and how he confidently brings himself as the center of attention.

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